Is It Hard Working As A Cable Installer?

There are lots of things that would encourage you to be one of the known cable installers out there. For instance, they are charging their clients an hourly rate of 17.32 US Dollars. In other words, they can earn more than 35,000 US Dollars per year.

If you plan to be a cable installer, you may be asking if the position requires hard-working skills. Well, the answer is yes. It is hard-working, but it pays off a lot. This article will talk about being a cable installer, it is hard, and what skills you need to acquire before you ace the position. If you want to learn about how to be a great installer check out our post on some tips.

So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

Cable installers should acquire several skills to meet the requirements of their clients and the responsibilities of the position. These skills include color vision, dexterity, and customer-service skills.

Some cable installers or technicians say that being in this profession is quite hard but very enjoyable. Well, the difficulty of being a cable technician will always depend on your skills and ability.

This type of work requires you to do some physical labor. Most of them are not intense. There are only a few things that you would find hard for being a cable installer, which includes lifting a heavy ladder, crawling under a property, any ladder-related jobs, and climbing on a high telephone pole.

Aside from that, as a cable installer, you should know that your company may send you to work in areas with extreme snow, hot, or cold weather. In some cases, you also need to do your job even though it is raining.

The following are some of the rewarding benefits you can get from working as a certified cable installer:

New Business Opportunities

Considering the quick cable installation, you will receive notifications regarding future cabling projects for you. For instance, if you have worked on a project that requires connectivity and cabling infrastructure, a lot of clients around your area will hire you without any hesitation.

Onsite Support

All certified cable installers have free access to engineers and software engineers. These workers are known to formulate connectivity and cabling solutions. Another thing that makes a cable installer a hard-working work is a fact that you will face several obstacles when working with a project, especially a cable connectivity failures. Luckily, you can contact the engineers to send you possible solutions to solve the problem in no time.


Just like other professions, you know, being a cable installer needs hard work, time, and effort. You need to acquire new skills and continue to learn even though you are already working in the industry.

Being a certified cable installer offer you more chances to improve your life status. Many believed that this profession has the lowest compensation rate. But the truth is that a lot of cable installers out there are living their wealthy life. In fact, they can earn around 17 US Dollars in just an hour of working. Let’s say that you spend 8 hours of your day being a cable installer. You can save 136 US Dollars per day. That is almost 50,000 US Dollars per year.

But you can’t earn this big amount of money if you will not work hard. You need to undergo a lot of training. Aside from that, you should know and understand how cable installation works. So, if you have the passion for being a cable installer in the future, pursue it. If you have the right skills and dedication, you won’t find this job boring and tiring. Aside from the high compensation rate, you will also enjoy several perks of being a cable installer.