Tips On a CAT6 Ethernet Cable Install

Cat 6 Ethernet cabling is the best option for you to connect to your office network. It can save you a lot of money for your business because it can link up the offices with a high-speed Internet connection. It also offers you an efficient way to connect your network to the outside world. You can simply choose from the various types of Cat 6 cabling, depending on your needs and the available space in your office.

CAT 6 Cable: Great For Business

This type of Ethernet cabling is popular for offices because of its durability and flexibility. It is a mixture of Cat 5 cable and Cat 6 cable, which give you the ability to connect several computers together. The Cat 6 cables are available in different lengths, so you can select the one that is perfect for your needs. You can install the cables in any location without worrying about their compatibility with each other. You can simply route them into several rooms or offices and they will work perfectly fine.

Since this type of cabling has many advantages over other types, it is widely used by many companies nowadays. The installation process for this is very easy as well. Most companies simply use tools such as the electricians to cut the wires and all of the tools mentioned in our article called “Cabling Tools” work with CAT6 cable. You can even use your own hands in some cases. However, manual handling of the wires is still preferred especially for those who are unfamiliar with it.

Why CAT6?

Cat 6 cables are mostly light in weight and are therefore easier to install than those cabling systems made from other materials. They have no sharp edges so they will not damage the walls. You can easily handle them without fear of getting cuts or injuries. They also last for longer periods because they are very durable. Cat 6 cables can transmit signals over long distances. If you have one of these cables at your workplace, you do not have to worry about the entire building being connected to the internet because your employees can access the net from any room in the building.

It is important to choose a professional cat 6 Ethernet cabling installation service for your office or business if you want it to function properly. A professional will ensure that your Ethernet cable runs smoothly and does not face any obstacles. They also know how to route the wires properly. They will not use too much wire and will route it in a neat manner so as not to make it look cluttered. They will make sure that your office looks neat and tidy after the job has been completed.

CAT6 Is Price Comparable to Legacy Cables

You will be amazed to know that the price for a cat 6 Ethernet cable is not that high at all. In fact, you will be able to get one bundled together with three other cables for less than twenty dollars. Therefore, you will be able to save a lot of money on this installation. It is important to remember that the more cables you have, the more expensive the entire cabling installation would be.

Before you install the cat 6 Ethernet cable, make sure you read the instructions provided by the manufacturer carefully. This will help you avoid making any mistakes while wiring the devices properly. The manufacturer of the cabling is aware of the number of speeds that are supported by different types of cabling. Therefore, it is important to purchase the cabling according to the specification that has been provided by the manufacturer.

Be Careful During Installation

Finally, before you run any cables, you must perform a power check. You should do this even before you start wiring the devices. This is so because you will be required to test each wire in order to ensure that it works before you use them. Thus, a cat 6 Ethernet cabling installation will come out smoothly.